Donna Messinger

Spa Services, Registered Aesthetician

My name is Donna Messenger. As part of Messenger Digital Dentistry, I also provide spa services as a registered aesthetician and laser safety officer.

My main goal is to calm and rejuvenate my clients’ mind, body and spirit. With our day-to-day lives so hectic and draining, everyone needs to slow down once in a while and reconnect with our inner peace. Let me help you find that tranquility again.

I offer a multitude of services that will help you attain the most beautiful you: multiple facials designed for all skin types, masks and peels that help rejuvenate and freshen your complexion, and also laser hair reduction. Please call to set up an appointment and I will be happy to advise you on the best treatment options that will provide the most benefit for your needs.

Please feel free to call Messenger Beauty Escape at 413-346-8449 to schedule an appointment and look forward to “Escape to a More Beautiful You.”

Spa Services